Dr Shane Lavery, Dr

Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer

Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour

Phone: 09-3737599 x83764
Thomas Bldg, 110-126
Email: s.lavery@auckland.ac.nz

See also https://unidirectory.auckland.ac.nz/profile/s-lavery

Research Interests

My research interests have concentrated on the interface of ecology, evolution and genetics. They have dealt particularly with the application of molecular techniques to the understanding of current and historical interactions among populations of organisms, what this tells us about the evolutionary history of these species, and how we can use this information to help manage and conserve species today.

This has included:

  • the examination of population structure/connectivity and patterns of dispersal and migration
  • studying phylogeographic and biogeographic patterns of marine organisms in the Indo-Pacific
  • genetic "tagging" of organisms in order to track movement and survival, or for selective breeding applications in aquaculture
  • molecular taxonomy and the genetic identification of cryptic species, market samples or larval stages
  • elucidating current and historical patterns of population demography (estimation of population sizes and changes through time)

I have undertaken my research on a great variety of taxonomic groups, ranging from various crustacea and other invertebrates, through fishes and turtles, to cetaceans and land mammals.