Dr Howard Ross, BSc (hons) MSc PhD

Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer

Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour

Phone: 3737599 x86160
Thomas Building, Level 2, Rm 284
Email: h.ross@auckland.ac.nz

See https://unidirectory.auckland.ac.nz/profile/h-ross



The application of computational and phylogenetic analyses to a wide range of problems:

  • using genomic sequences to determine the species identity of specimens
    (see DNA Surveillance at www.dna-surveillance.fos.auckland.ac.nz)
  • dynamics of sequence evolution in viral genomes
  • the incidence of species-level paraphyly in different groups of animals
  • bioinformatic analysis of next generation sequencing data, especially metabarcoding of environmental DNA samples
  • the timing and path of human settlement of the Pacific

Research Collaborations 

My recent collaborations (past 5 years) include:

  • Dr Mary Poss (Pennsylvania State University) - evolution of feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) in domestic cats
  • Dr Mat Goddard (University of Auckland) - metabarcoding of fungi in New Zealand vineyards 
  • Dr Robin MacDiarmid (Plant & Food Research New Zealand) - miRNA accumulation in virus-infected plants
  • Dr Alexei Drummond and others (Allan Wilson Centre) - metabarcoding of invertebrates, fungi and bacteria in soil and litter samples
  • Dr Lisa Matisoo-Smith (University of Otago) - biogeography of Rattus exulans in the Pacific and Island South-east Asia
  • Dr Shane Wright (University of Auckland) - inference of rates of evolution
  • Dr Craig Millar (University of Auckland) - biogeography of adélie penguins

Recent Publications

  • Abbott, W. G., P. Tsai, H. A. Ross, M. 'Ofanoa, A. J. Trevarton, J. Hornell, S. R. Munn, and E. J. Gane. 2012. Selection pressure on the hepatitis B virus Pre-S/S and P open reading frames in Tongan subjects with a chronic hepatitis B virus infection. Antiviral Research 96:148-157.
  • Wright, S. D., H. A. Ross, D. J. Keeling, P. McBride, and L. N. Gillman. 2011. Thermal energy and the rate of genetic evolution in marine fishes. Evolutionary Ecology 25:525-530.
  • Masters, B. C., V. Fan, and H. A. Ross. 2011. Species Delimitation - a Geneious plugin for the exploration of species boundaries. Molecular Ecology Resources 11:154-157.
  • Robins, J. H., P. A. McLenachan, M. J. Phillips, B. J. McComish, E. Matisoo-Smith, and H. A. Ross. 2010. Evolutionary relationships and divergence times among the native rats of Australia. BMC Evolutionary Biology 10:375.
  • Ranjard, L., M. G. Anderson, M. J. Rayner, R. B. Payne, I. McLean, J. V. Briskie, H. A. Ross, D. H. Brunton, S. M. N. Wooley, and M. E. Hauber. 2010. Bioacoustic distances between the begging calls of brood parasites and their host species: a comparison of bioacoustic techniques. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 64:1915-1926.
  • Padhi, A., H. A. Ross, J. A. Terwee, S. VandeWoude, and M. Poss. 2010. Profound differences in virus population genetics correspond to protection from CD4 decline resulting from Feline Lentivirus coinfection. Viruses 2:2663-2680.
  • Wright, S. D., L. N. Gillman, H. A. Ross, and D. J. Keeling. 2010. Energy and the tempo of evolution in amphibians. Global Ecology and Biogeography 19:733-740.

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Tags: phylogenetics trees species identification